Here, our customer comes first, second and third.

Our Mission

“We are in business to create Raving Fans! At Ecotex, we will identify and satisfy our customers’ needs by delivering quality, error-free products and services on time and at a profit…that’s our Mission”

Randy Bartsch, Ecotex CEO

Our progressive, innovative and above all ‘customer centric’ approach will allow our customers to achieve maximum efficacy from their linen programs. As a linen partner we help our customers create a safe environment for patient care that inspires trust and confidence. We will provide linen and laundry services in the most financially appropriate manner, delivering attentive, high-quality service, employing industry best practices and applying technical excellence.

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction, as you would expect from a local company, while being one of the top ranked healthcare laundry operators in North America. Through these efforts, we strive to turn all our customers into our raving fans; this is what makes Ecotex a truly different company.